So I rushed out of the house this morning. And not because we started late. My son was already at daycare, having left early with his daddy, and my daughter and I were enjoying some cuddle time while we watched Franklin and Caillou. Of course, the clock kept ticking and we ended up rushing out to the car without packing snacks and drinks for the afternoon.

As I sit here and write this, I remember this fact and wonder how I’m going to take two hungry, cranky kids to the grocery store with me when I pick them up after work/daycare/school.

Ah yes. My lunch in the fridge in the staff kitchen. That’s how. I’m going to eat less than half of it at lunch time and then I will save the rest of it to feed to my children when I pick them up from school and daycare. That will allow me to get the grocery shopping done and get them home in time for dinner without, hopefully, too much fuss because they are hungry and dinner is being delayed by the necessity to grocery shop.

This is motherly sacrifice. This is what I thought I would never do for another human being. And, although I will begrudgingly surrender my half-eaten lunch for my children, it is less sacrifice than it is self-preservation. If I don’t save my lunch for them, I will suffer later when they scream their way down the aisles at the grocery store because they are so hungry they can’t see straight. So really, I’m being a little selfish. 😉


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