Happy mommy. Happy kids.

One thing I’ve noticed since becoming a mommy…my true self has come out. I‘m thinking that because I don’t have time to meditate and practice patience and write and rid my mind of the thoughts that spin around inside it. When I wasn’t a  mommy, I had time to do these things. Even if I didn’t do them. Now I want time to do these things because it’s all that will keep me sane according to some recent reading I’ve done. Always make time for you. Your kids will be happier and you will be happier. That’s what I’ve been hearing a lot lately. But how do you make time me time? Is it an organization thing? Because I’m not that organized. Is there hope for someone like me who procrastinates and never gets to the job at hand until the very minute the job at hand is due?

In this way, mommy-hood has changed me. I don’t procrastinate when it comes to getting my kids going. Whether it’s out the door in the morning, to bed at night, to the playground in the afternoon, I get them going and we get out the door in a relatively orderly fashion. Is it that I’m using up all my new skill of moving things forward on my kids? It could be. I was supposed to leave for work half an hour ago and I’m still sitting here writing. But that’s a good thing for me. The house is quiet, the kids are at daycare, I’m feeling creative…hey! I’m doing something for me!


2 thoughts on “Happy mommy. Happy kids.

  1. dusterbed

    Even two minutes of “me time” can be so good for you. Find those moments 😉 They will grow into minutes, and eventually hours…

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