Chaos reigns

A Working Mother’s Guide to the Best-Laid Plans

Step 1

Make special arrangements with someone to care for your sick child while you attend a meeting.

Step 2

Rush back to pick up your sick child at the end of the meeting.

Step 3

Discover that your sick child has consumed food and has managed to keep it down all morning and is feeling much better, so you didn’t actually have to rush home from the meeting and twist your afternoon schedule around to suit your “sick” child.

Step 4

Take your “sick” child home anyway because you know he would be way more comfortable in his own house. And besides, you’ve already made arrangements to work at home so that you can be there for him.

Step 5

Feed your “sick” child McDonald’s french fries (not my brightest moment) while you log in to work and start working.

Step 6

Cuddle your “sick” child for a few minutes before nap time so you can go back to working feeling less guilty about making him sleep all afternoon so you can get some work done.

Step 7

Fill bucket with hot, soapy water to clean up the vomit that now covers the computer desk, the keyboard, the SICK child, the mommy, the floor, the wall, etc.

Step 8

Forget about best-laid plans. Go with the flow.


We have officially passed the 24hr point. So I guess it wasn’t a 24hr bug. Moving on to the light at the end of the next tunnel, here’s hoping it’s a 48hr bug.


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