This Darn Bug

Dear Bug,

Where are you hiding?

I have washed all the bed clothes and all of our clothes. I have scrubbed the floors and scrubbed us until we are raw. Yet, five days in, we’re still sick. You weren’t a 24hr bug or a 48hr bug. You were of the torture-us-all-week-so-no-one-can-get-anything-done variety.

Well, thank you for visiting us. Thank you for cleaning out our systems, helping us lose some pre-Christmas weight, and for forcing us to hang out together and relax like we haven’t done in a long time. But I now think that you have overstayed your welcome. It is time for you to leave. Don’t come back soon. We don’t have the room or the time to play host to you.

Yours in improving health,

The Wells Family


2 thoughts on “This Darn Bug

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