All it takes is a tweet

Sometimes, all it takes is a tweet.

I’ve been buzzing around the house today, simultaneously looking after a sick kid, doing work, organizing the house for the inevitable Christmas decorating, and wishing I could spend some time writing for my own pleasure. And all the while, I’ve been humming Jingle Bells.

The tune is stuck in my head because I had to sing it about 30 times for my kids this morning as we got ready to leave the house. It’s not a bad little tune and, despite the miserable weather, it has put me right in the Christmas spirit. I’m going to thank my kids for that, because if it were not for their excitement about Christmas and their constant Christmas music requests, I wouldn’t be overly enthused about the season. It’s raining, damp, and downright miserable outside and I have a gazillion things to do/catch up on before I even get to Christmas stuff.

So, I could look at my day (and the last week and a half) and feel sorry for myself over how little sleep I’ve had, how many times I’ve done laundry, how many times my sick little ones have woken me up at night because they needed to sleep in my bed, how sick I have been and how little I have accomplished. Instead, I feel very lucky and very thankful that I have been able to be home with each little one as they traveled that road through tummy troubles, fever, sleepless nights, and restless days. Being home with them has been a little Christmas gift in itself.

A couple other little gifts I gave myself today…a few minutes of “me” time to read a great post by The Gypsy Mama, and the gift that came from reading that…the realization that sometimes, when I get inspired, if I don’t share the inspiration, I don’t follow through on it. So I tweeted my Christmas spirit…and out of that tweet, came this post and a wonderful feeling of Christmas.


2 thoughts on “All it takes is a tweet

  1. Isabel

    Really enjoying your writings. I used to read Gypsy Mama but lost touch with it when my e-mail account was hacked. Thanks for reuniting us.


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