Brown rice is not my friend

I’ve been trying to feed my family in the healthiest way possible. When it comes to healthy food, there are some things my kids will eat, and some things they won’t.

Quinoa is one of those things that go over like gang busters. Brown rice, not so much.

And do you know what I’ve discovered? It’s not necessarily the food that they love or hate. It’s the attitude that comes with it.

I love quinoa because it’s easy to make and, so far, I haven’t screwed it up.

Brown rice on the other hand…well, let’s just say that, by the time it’s ready, the kids have given up on dinner.

It seems that, no matter how I plan the brown rice, it’s always the last thing that’s ready and it’s still cooking while everything else is going cold.

Brown rice stresses me out. And a stressed-out mommy almost always translates into stressed-out kids. And stressed-out kids make for a stressed-out family. And a stressed-out family never translates into a happy dining experience.

Stressful Family Dinner

So, if I want happy diners in my house, quinoa is the healthy side dish I choose.

Happy Family Dinner

Maybe someday, brown rice and I will come to terms with each other. But I doubt it. 😉


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