Resentful, yet strong

Usually, I don’t mind being creative to get my kids to do normal things like eat, sleep, brush their teeth, put their coats on, etc. And creative I must be, because, for some reason, my little ones, despite routine, seem to forget from day to day that these things must be done.

But when I’m tired, the thing that I resent the most is that I HAVE TO BE CREATIVE to get my kids to eat, sleep, brush their teeth, put their coats on, etc.

Most often, being creative is a challenge I readily accept. I’m not artistically creative (my 4-year-old draws better stick men than I do), so being creative in motherhood allows me to exercise the right side of my brain so that my skull doesn’t cave in on that side 😉

But the sleep deprivation experienced by parents (mothers in particular)—which is akin to the torture techniques rumoured to be used by governments to interrogate prisoners—is enough to send me around the bend when I am called upon by my son or daughter to dress them and brush their teeth even though they have been doing so for months/years on their own.

Being creative doesn’t come easily to a tired mommy. It’s one of life’s cruel jokes, I think. Right when I need that Super Mommy power the most, I feel more like Superman encased in a block of Cryptonite. And there’s very little I can do about it.

But, from within comes a strength that I forget I have, and the strength wells up inside me in the moments I take to do some deep breathing and gather myself before forcing the right side of my brain into action and calling upon the tricks of motherhood that get the kids motivated and moving and keep the mommy sane and happy.

And creativity saves the day again.


One thought on “Resentful, yet strong

  1. shoes

    Oh so true! That last little bit of strength is the hardest to find but sometimes resets the routine and balance so I don’t fall off the mom sane-train. 🙂


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