Rough morning exit

I got home very late. It was the company Christmas party. I was out enjoying myself with my colleagues while my husband enjoyed some time alone with the children.

I knew as the minutes ticked into hours that staying at the party until the very end would result in a morning hosted by a very tired mommy. And I know that a very tired mommy results in a not-so-smooth morning exit.

But I was pleasantly surprised the next morning when everything fell into place and I had two happy children and a not-so-tired mommy on my hands. I guess it’s true what they say, it takes two days for exhaustion to kick in. I figured I’d pay for this pleasant morning at a later date.

All was running smoothly. I had been lulled into what I now see as a false sense of happy morning comfort. And then it hit…the screaming, the crying, the defiance. Out. Of. Nowhere. Two kids. Full blast freak-out.

Looking back on the moment, I can’t even say where it came from, what started it, who started it, or why it got so big.

I gave the usual morning instruction to get coats and shoes on. Children started to comply and then…BANG…I was watching them the whole time and nothing stands out as the defining moment.

I’m chalking this one up to a mommy brain that thought it wasn’t tired and literally missed whatever little thing it was that set everyone off.

Needless to say, we got out the door with much screaming and much fuss. Things were forgotten (nothing important, thankfully), things were threatened, and the screaming continued all the way to school, daycare and work. 😉

But we survived. As we always do. 🙂 And mommy promises not to stay out so late next time.


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