A Penchant for Drama

Just read a great post over here. Made me want to create my own list of things that residents of my house consider tragic.

We’ve all heard the term “Drama Queen”. Well, over here at our place, we have a Drama Prince, a Drama Princess, a Drama King and a Drama Queen.

So here’s my list of things we consider tragic, broken down by dramatic royalty:

The Prince

  1. When a ball rolls under the couch…this is, apparently, the end of the world until the ball is retrieved by a capable, older person.
  2. Not getting juice or boob the very second his eyes open.
  3. His sister not letting him play with her Barbies.
  4. Having to wear mittens while outdoors, playing in the snow.
  5. Having frozen hands while outdoors, playing in the snow. (I know. I don’t understand him either.)

The Princess

  1. Her brother playing with her toys.
  2. Her brother playing with his toys.
  3. Having to eat anything “yucky for her”.

The King

  1. Having a dusty house.
  2. Having a child or children interrupt his sleep…multiple times.

The Queen

  1. Having to go upstairs/downstairs for the millionth time because someone (usually me) forgot something before going out the door in the morning.
  2. Going to the store and coming home without items on the list.
  3. Running errands and not following the most efficient route possible, especially if I plan an efficient route and then get sidetracked by unplanned events.
  4. “Having to make more than one trip from the car to the house. I would rather risk herniation of some part of my body or a dislocated shoulder to get it all in one trip.” (I’m borrowing this one directly from Shoes On The Wrong Feet. Thanks. And I totally do this all the time.)
  5. Having to pay full price for a staple item that I could have stocked up on when it was on sale the week before if I had only known that we were about to run out of said staple item.

There you have it. My list of what the royalty in my house considers tragic.

If there was one quality I wished that my kids didn’t get from me (and my husband), it would be the penchant for the dramatic. Perhaps we can learn from each other how to cool our heels rather than erupt à la drama.


3 thoughts on “A Penchant for Drama

  1. shoes

    LOL! Apparently under the couch is a good place for the end of the world to hide because that happens at our house too. The boys have seen me more than once doing the whole “sweep” under the couch with the handle of the broom thing and they have started to take it upon themselves to sweep out their own toys now.

    And what is it about having to make more than one trip from the car?? It truly pains me to have to do it (although it sometimes pains me not to as well).

  2. dusterbed

    Hilarious! I’m so lucky… Levi (my doggie!) doesn’t really give me too much drama. When his ball rolls under the couch, he tries to get it for a while and then gives up to find another toy (never bothering me during this process). He never complains about me putting on his coat to go outside in the winter, and would gladly play and jump in the snow for hours on end without complaint. Not only that, but he pretty much eats everything!
    I guess dogs and kids are only similar to a point 😉

  3. "M" is for Marriage and Motherhood... And for Me

    Love your post! So funny! I, definitely, relate to many of your “tragic” things 🙂 ) For instance:

    Princess… 2.Her brother playing with his toys LOL


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