New year. New mom.

Is there a better mom in the works inside me? I know there is a woman trying to claw her way out of me each time I yell at my kids because they have ignored me for the umpteenth time that hour about something or other.

I can hear that other mom in me saying, “You need to repeat the instruction calmly then repeat the instruction calmly again and then repeat the instruction calmly one more time. They are just children. They are busy being children and they didn’t hear you the first or second time. They are not ignoring you on purpose. They are just children. Practice what you preach. Remain patient and calm. Be their role model. Don’t lose your cool.”

Her tone is almost mocking. But she’s right. And she’s actually the sane part of me that I wish would take over from the not-so-sane part of me and just raise my kids and give me a break.

But since we’re the same person, I guess this half of me is going to have to stick around and do some of the raising alongside of her.

I just hope that she’s stronger than I am, because it would be great for my kids if she won the I-will-remain-calm-and-parent-my-children-in-a-loving-way vs. I-know-it-does-no-good-to-yell-at-them-but-it-feels-good-in-the-moment-to-let-off-a-little-steam argument.


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