The Realistic Family

My mother often says that my father was raised on Leave It To Beaver. And by that she means that TV was his babysitter and that’s where he gets his ideas about “family”.

I was raised by two loving parents who, in my opinion, did a good job of raising their daughters. And yet I still measure myself against TV families who seem to do it all and have it all. And, of course, I never measure up. I feel like I’m always reminding myself that what I see on TV is actually not real and definitely not realistic.

So, if my childhood was good in comparison to the hard luck my father ran into as a child, why do I look to TV families as role models for how my family should be? Is it that we are so bombarded by the media that it’s becoming difficult to determine the real from the fantasy?

Or could it be genetic? Could my brain be wired the same way my dad’s is so that we just automatically look to the unrealistic to model ourselves after? And how damaging is that?

If I’m going to measure my family against a TV family, the best show would be The Middle. Hilarious, chaotic. Just like real life if you have a sense of humour. 😉


One thought on “The Realistic Family

  1. dusterbed

    So true.. we are always competing to be the best we can be. I highly recommend that you watch a few episodes of Roseanne 😉 That’ll put you back into the perspective of “The Realistic Family”


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