Try New Foods!

So, my eternally picky eater daughter ate and loved the dinner I cooked.

I made mango curry ground beef with white rice and mixed veggies. I also puréed some of the veggies and hid them in the sauce (just in case).

It was very yummy and incredibly easy. I figured my son would eat it, and he did, mostly. I thoroughly enjoyed it because it was the first time I had more than a salt and pepper flavour in my food in about two years (minus the times that hubby and I have gone out for dinner and left the kids at home ;)).

But I really thought I’d have a fight on my hands when it came to convincing Miss Picky Eater that it was at least worth trying.

I have tried everything to get this child to eat, but even very kid-friendly foods turn her off after a couple of bites. (I’m talking KD, hotdogs, pizza, etc.)

So, I had essentially given up.

And then I served the mango curry ground beef and rice casserole. I held my breath, avoided eye contact with her and kept my head down as I ate and waited for the firestorm of comments that I was certain would come flying my way any second.

But nothing happened. I slowly looked across the table at her (you want to avoid any sudden movements in situations like this). Miss Picky Eater was shoveling the casserole into her mouth forkful after forkful. And she couldn’t have been starving because she had eaten a fairly large snack only 45 minutes before dinner.

She caught my eye as I stared at her and said, through a mouthful of food, “This is really good, Mommy. There’s no yucky stuff in it.”

I think that’s when I started to breathe again and enjoy my dinner. Success! 🙂

Lesson learned: Sometimes the more gourmet the food, the more likely my picky eater is to eat it.


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