New Year’s Resolutions

Most people have a list of things they want to improve on in the new year.

I have decided that creating such a list is akin to spelling out all the things about myself that I don’t like and would like to change. And that list would be quite long if I got right down to it.

Not to mention the fact that about 35% of resolution makers break their resolutions before the end of January. And I land firmly in the middle of that 35%.

So, instead of offering up my resolutions for the new year, I have created a list of things about me that I like right now and would not change.

  1. I’m smart*
  2. I’m pretty*
  3. I make a mean lasagna
  4. I can be funny*
  5. I’m organized (for the most part)
  6. I have beautiful, mostly dark, shiny hair (even the grey is shiny!)
  7. I’m comfortable with where I am in my life at the moment
  8. I’m a procrastinator (You may be wondering why I like this about myself. Actually, it’s a love/hate relationship. The love part: I believe I do my best work when I’m under a ton of pressure. I’ve been told by good-intentioned advice givers that I would do even better than my best if I did not wait until the last minute. I’ve tried this. Trust me, my best work is done at the last minute. The hate part: Whatever it is that I’m working on last minute causes so much stress and pain that I would trade just about anything I own for more time.)

*The author’s opinion.

There it is. I’m sure there are other things about myself that I like, but this list is enough of a boost to remind me that, though there are things that I can improve on, I’m good just the way I am. And there are always next year’s resolutions to look forward to!

Because, after all, if we achieve perfection today, we will have nothing to shoot for tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. M Vitalis

    I love your post. I think it is good to see and say the good qualities we do have. I agree with the qualities you have mentioned (from what I can see from your blog), except for the lasagna part… I have to try it, first. So let me know when I can drop by… Ha ha ha Just kidding 🙂


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