Hockey shoes and early obsessions

My little boy is obsessed with hockey. I suppose that’s a good thing given that it’s our national sport, and that his father is also obsessed with hockey (OK, his mother kind of is too).

But my little boy is not yet two and he is already insisting on wearing only his PJs with the hockey pictures on them. It’s almost a knock-down-drag-out-fight every night.

And he wears his big sister’s princess dress-up shoes around the house and calls them his “hockey shoes”.

But only the white ones.

Big sis has them in every shade of pink.

Fancy shoes/hockey shoes 😉

And although he has worn all of them at various times, for some reason, he only calls the white ones “hockey shoes”. The others are just “fancy shoes”. Go figure.

Hockey shoes

These are his "hockey shoes"


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