Attitudes in schools these days

Not the kids…the teachers and the assistants.

I recently enjoyed chaperoning a class trip for my daughter’s JK class. It was an extraordinary experience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself…except for the sarcasm.

Do children at that age even get that adults are not being serious? I don’t think so. I’ll have to look it up because now I’m curious about the stage at which children develop the ability to understand subtleties of tone.

All I could think all day is that these kids are, essentially, being made fun of by the adults who are responsible for their well-being during school hours and their overall mental development. And it looked to me like these kids understood, on some level, that they were being mocked, even though they didn’t understand the comments themselves.

Is it any wonder we are faced with bullies who assert their power by picking on weaker kids? We are doing it to them.

It made me very sad. And, unfortunately, very aware of how often I have made a sarcastic comment in response to something my daughter has said.

The world would be a better place if we were all just nice. And not just nice, but genuine.

I feel that it is the “genuine” that lacks in so many of our interactions with others.

It’s time to get genuine. And I’m starting with me.


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