Just like, just like…

“He’s just like your cousin Robert.”

“What a darling. He reminds me of Michael.”

“You know, I think he’s the spitting image of your Uncle Tom when he was a boy.”

“His personality, some of his mannerisms and expressions are so much like your second-cousin Albert.”

And so on. You get the picture.

Kids always get grouped, don’t they? We don’t let them be themselves because we are always thinking of who they are like or who they remind us of.

Emily Elf

Fashion choices of the little Miss

What if we let kids be who they are? Not who they are like.

I think that when a little person in our lives reminds us of a relative, we unknowingly assign some of that relative’s traits to the child, good or bad and we take away from the child the opportunity to be who he or she really is.

Like when you meet someone new and they remind you of someone else in your life. Whenever you talk to this new friend, you are reminded of the other person and may unknowingly have expectations or preconceived ideas about this new person.


Career man Luke

It’s not necessarily fair, but it’s the way things work. I think kids get the bum rap on this because they automatically remind us of someone we know (even if it’s ourselves).

Note to self: must try harder to treat my children like the individuals they are.


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