Full of Inspiration


I read a few blogs that I find interesting, funny, down-to-earth, helpful, etc.

I find though, that every time I get engrossed in the writings of another, I end up writing more (or wanting to write more) myself. This is not a bad thing, of course. But it makes time management more of an issue than it already is for me.

Time management is quite something to grapple with as the mother of a young family.

Allow me to digress a moment. My husband works out at a gym every morning. His weight lifting partner is older than him, and his children are much older than our children. So one day my husband was complaining to his buddy at the gym about how much he hated his job and how busy he was and how the kids were driving him nuts (and I’m sure how his wife was driving him nuts, too) and his buddy told him, “Yeah, I used to hate my job too when my kids were young. You never get enough sleep when they’re that age; kids are labour intensive, and you’re being pulled in 10 different directions. The thing is, once your kids are older, things will be easier.”

I look forward to those days with relish. Not that I’m trying to wish away my children’s precious young years as Glennon talks about in this post. It’s just that sometimes, easier is better.

Here is a list of things I wanted when I was younger:

  • a nice house
  • a nice car
  • a good job that fulfilled me
  • to live close to my family
  • to have an awesome circle of friends
  • an amazing man in my life who shared my interests

Here is a list of things I want now:

  • more time to write
  • more time to sleep
  • more time with my kids
  • more time to work (uninterrupted)

Basically, it looks like I want more time.

Hour glass

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Now, back to my point. My Twitter profile provides the following description:

editor. writer. wife. mother. looking for inspiration in a big world.

When I started writing again, I was looking for inspiration. The more I write, the more I run straight into inspiration. The more I read, the more I flounder about in great big oceans of inspiration.

I love the feeling of being so inspired by others’ words, by the commitment of other women and mothers who find time in their lives to tap out a few phrases and post it for the world to read.

I am a mother. I have very little time to truly explore some of the ideas that inspire me. But I find the time to read and I enjoy the feeling of passion and inspiration that comes with knowing that some days I do have time to write.

I look forward to those days. Days when I spill all of this inspiration back into words and send those words out into the world for others to read and to be inspired by.


One thought on “Full of Inspiration

  1. shoes

    I am right there with you. I can not tell you how many lost (and I am sure, amazingly funny and brilliant) blog posts I have written in my head when inspiration strikes while I am inconveniently vacuuming, doing laundry, waiting at the bus stop, making dinner, or any other such daily necessary tasks.
    I also find you husband’s conversation interesting. My husband also is not fond of his job and I wonder if part of that is due to the chaos of our lives while raising kids. There really is very little down time, or just plain time.


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