Mommy anger is a slippery slope

So the kids are driving me nuts. I think it’s horribly unfair that days that start so well in so many ways end with such upset and screaming (mostly mine ;)).

I’m particularly ticked off about the fact that I, as their mother, have been making a supreme effort to be good.

Good (as defined by my 4-year-old):
No yelling at her or her brother unless there is a noisy appliance running and they can’t hear me; saying “please” and “thank-you” when either her or brother do something I ask of them; not making her or her brother cry for any reason (for the record, I don’t “make” them cry, but that is often the result in our exchanges.)

So I put on a smile and remain calm throughout temper tantrums despite sleepless nights and way-too-early mornings.

Up with sun, everyone is in a good mood. Breakfast is served. Everyone eats and laughs and enjoys each others’ company.

Get ready for school/daycare/work. No one fights in the bathroom. I diffuse a small argument over a toy, but everyone walks away happy.

I anticipate the 8:25 am hunger melt down. Dry Cheerios are offered to hungry kids while I take the bags out to the car. Everyone gets their snowsuits, boots and other winter paraphernalia on without a fuss (even the 2-year-old!)

Each child is dropped off at their appropriate location. Everyone is still smiling. This is a good day. 🙂

I head to work; have a fairly productive day. At quitting time, I head out to pick up the kids.

Five minutes after I strap both kids into the car, a switch is flipped and the screaming begins.

I’m guessing it’s close to snack time and I have two hungry kids on my hands. But the offer of snacks does not solve the problem. We make it home with only a mild mommy migraine. I remain calm for as long as I can. Sometime around dinner, I lose it.

Children who won’t eat a dinner that they have previously claimed was their favourite is my button.

Start button

Image: sippakorn /

It gets pushed repeatedly.

I remove the plates from the table, excuse the children from the table in a deadly calm voice and lock myself in the bathroom.

Where do I go from here? This is a steep hill and it’s very slippery. 😐


3 thoughts on “Mommy anger is a slippery slope

  1. MamaMoo

    I was talking to a few of my friends this week about this very idea. We wake up happy and plan to have a great day, we breathe, pray, savor moments but then some combination of all the stressors sends us into mom rage. Realizing this is a problem is a good place to start but I cannot begin to attempt a resolution.

  2. shoes

    Rough! How long is the drive home? Could you play a game of “count red cars” or something to distract and make them happy?
    Dinnertime is tough at our house too. It is a grin and bear it time. If they don’t try what is given to them, they are excused from the table and that is that. No snacks 15 minutes later, they can eat come morning. If they try everthing and choose not to eat it because they don’t like it then they can have a banana or apple for dinner. Harsh? Maybe but I it kinda works and I don’t really know what else to do.
    A year ago it was much harder and I would go shut myself in the bathroom for a mom time out. I don’t know if it was them getting older or what but it did get better. Hope it improves for you soon too!


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