Lost…not the show…the feeling

Lost. Misplaced. Out of my element. Disconnected. Sad. Confused. Anxious. Weary. Distressed. Tired. Worn out. Hopeless. Weak.

Those are the street names that I have walked recently.

I can’t seem to find Happy Street or Confident Street. Not even OK Street.

I have walked those streets before. I know they are there. But I can’t find them. No matter how I wander about in my head looking for them, I can’t get back to them. I’m lost.

I’m not facing any terrible, life-altering event. I haven’t recently come through a devastating time full of sadness and loss. It’s nothing more than a regular life with regular responsibilities and regular stresses. And yet, some days I feel as though I can’t go on.

Through all of these one-way streets, diagonal intersections, roundabouts and back roads, I have forgotten what leads me back to Happy Street.

But I have great reminders, if I only remember to reach out and use them…

I have friends who care. And who suffer from similarly side-tracked lives.

So, thanks to one of those great friends for a great talk; for connecting when I felt so disconnected. Walking the streets together as we look for the streets that we remember from better days, makes being lost so much less scary.


2 thoughts on “Lost…not the show…the feeling

  1. Sandra

    Maybe you need to find Change Street. It doesn’t have to be Major Change Ave. just Change Something Small lane. Try changing your routine (it might seem hard, but it’s always possible) a little, do something for yourself. Go for walks alone, take a bubble bath once a week. Anything. We often don’t realize that small changes can have a huge impact.


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