Short Fuse Syndrome

Anyone else suffering from Short Fuse Syndrome (SFS) lately?

I am. It creeps up on me.

Some days, the kids could do just about anything and I step in all smiles and understanding and help them learn from their mistakes 😉

Other days, days that are seemingly the same as the smiling mommy days, I can’t be counted on to use anything but my nasty voice when responding to the kids.

And far be it from me to figure out why some days I have all the patience in the world and other days my short fuse is lit early in the morning and burns down before breakfast, leaving me to blow up at just about everything.


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Possible reasons for a short fuse:

  • Something in the air 😉 It seems like a lot of us moms seem to be suffering from SFS lately.
  • Weird weather patterns playing havoc with the barometric pressure thus resulting in lack of sleep, mood disorders, etc., etc.
  • Extra cranky kids because there hasn’t been much snow this winter for them to have some fun in and really enjoy the season, but it’s not dry and warm enough to be out riding bikes and playing street hockey either.
  • Plain old February blahs.
  • Not enough sun.
  • Cooped up in the house too much.

I’m sure there are many other reasons why I may be suffering from SFS here of late.

My count-to-5 rule has been working…for the most part.

Sunny days might help. Warmer days would definitely help.

Oh I am sooo looking forward to summer.

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One thought on “Short Fuse Syndrome

  1. Chris

    I am longing for summer too. No more winter coats and scarves and mittens. Summer means cottage visits and lying in the sand at Wasaga beach. A few more months and we will be there. Until then, hang in there kid. 🙂


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