Phases we’ve been through, and things to remember

Amidst the insanity that is my life here of late, it occurred to me that my little guy hasn’t been behind the TV in a while.

Why, you ask, does this matter?

Because, for my son, behind the TV was the place to be and it drove me around the bend. But it was a phase. And though it seemed like it would never end, it did.

Shortly after we moved into our house, my husband persuaded me that we needed a new TV to fill the space in the new, bigger living room. Our 27″ just wasn’t cuttin’ it anymore (apparently).

So, he headed off to Future Shop to acquire the 40″ beauty that now graces one corner of our living room and can be seen from anywhere on the main floor of the house.

Of course, it’s an LCD flat screen so it needed to be bolted to our entertainment unit to prevent the munchkins from pushing it over. (I instantly missed that old 27″ when I realized the ramifications of this new, expensive TV.)

I, being home with the kids the most, would be responsible for keeping them away from the “new baby”. Let me tell you, it was easier to keep my toddler away from my actual new baby when we brought him home from the hospital. There is something about shiny things that kids are just attracted to.

Once they got over the excitement of the new TV, my daughter moved on to other things, but my son decided that behind the TV was the place to be.

For months, I spent my mornings, evenings and both days on the weekends removing him from behind the TV. He caused all kinds of trouble back there. Cable reconfigurations (that we could barely figure out), electrical shortages, cable box reboots and more.

We tried everything to help him break the habit. Time-outs, distractions, blocking the area, etc., etc. Nothing worked.

Until one day, he just stopped going back there.

It was a phase. And it was over.

Thinking of that very trying time has brought back memories of other phases that we went through that I thought, at the time, would be the end of me and that I have clearly lived through to tell the tale.

Baby Phases:

  • Not sleeping through the night
  • Finally sleeping through the night then no longer sleeping through the night
  • Crawling and pulling everything down on top of them
  • Eating (sometimes they did, sometimes they didn’t)

Kid Phases:

  • Throwing toys
  • Going behind the TV
  • Watching TV while standing on their heads
  • Keeping her toys in the fridge
  • Eating (sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t)

So really, in the grand scheme of things, if I just keep repeating to myself the best mantra of parenthood—This Is Just A Phase. It Too Shall Pass—then I’ll be golden.

I can get through anything (apparently) if I know that there is an end. It may not be in sight, but there is always an end. Kind of like life, I guess. 😉


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