Music is my life

Well, not exactly. I like music. I can sort of jingle out a tune on the piano and I played clarinet in the school band. I also started learning guitar when I first met the man who would become my husband (admittedly, it was mostly to impress him because he played guitar and he had a thing for chicks who played guitar).

But I digress. (Don’t I always?)

Music really is (my) life. When there is music, I am a different person. It’s like living my life to a soundtrack. I can tell when I’m feeling down because I don’t listen to music. I realized this as I was dancing around my kitchen, preparing a meal and listening to an old CD I had burned what seems like a million years ago.

Dancing Dog Image: Grant Cochrane /

I was happy. Really, truly happy. And it was all because of the music. Moments before I turned the music on, I was stressed with all that I had to do. And then I hit PLAY on the CD player and suddenly I had all the time in the world to dance. And guess what? The cooking and cleaning still got done.

Lately, there hasn’t been a lot of music in my house. In the car, between daycare and school and work, my children and I listen to hundreds of kids’ tunes. I love them. They are happy, hyper little ditties, and they pick me up in the morning. (It’s also a big pick-me-up to hear my 2-year-old singing along even though he is just learning how to talk. He’s making all the right sounds at the right time.) 😀

But in the house? Music gets forgotten. And yet it makes such a difference to everyone’s mood.

Much like many other suggested methods of dragging ourselves out of the dumps, turning music on takes effort. I think about doing it often, but then talk myself out of it because I’m not in the mood. Ironically, all I have to do is press PLAY and I’ll be in the mood.

The right music breathes life into the day. It’s like sunshine. It brightens the mood. Lifts the spirits. Pushes us on with rhythmic beats.

Music is (my) life.


8 thoughts on “Music is my life

  1. shoes

    We almost always have Pandora playing in the background at our house. I enjoy music and it does help with my moods but at the end of a crazy busy (and noisy) day, I very much enjoy silence. 🙂

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