Spaghetti pie

Who doesn’t think spaghetti is always better left over? There’s something about anything in tomato sauce that has been sitting in a sealed container in the fridge overnight. The longer tomato sauce soaked pasta sits, the tastier it is.

And after a traditional spaghetti dinner complete with meatballs, Parmesan cheese, lightly toasted garlic bread and a full-bodied red wine, there is still the next day’s fried spaghetti for breakfast, cold spaghetti for lunch, and toasted french stick spaghetti sandwiches for dinner to look forward to.

And then there is spaghetti pie.

Spaghetti Pie Recipe

Spaghetti pie recipe

Spaghetti pie

Spaghetti "pie crust." Mix cooked pasta with 2 beaten eggs, Parmesan cheese and butter. Press into pie plate.

Spaghetti pie

Add a layer of cottage cheese.

Spaghetti pie

Spaghetti pie

Cover cottage cheese with meat sauce and shredded mozzarella.

Spaghetti pie

The cute kid who helped Mommy make dinner 🙂

Spaghetti pie

Bake pie at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

Spaghetti pie

Let sit for 15 minutes before cutting.

Spaghetti pie

Mine turned out fairly runny. Next time, I'll use less butter than what the recipe calls for and maybe a little less meat sauce. I may also add one more egg and bake it a little longer.

I couldn’t slice it like pie, but wow was it ever good. And we didn’t feel like we were eating spaghetti for dinner again. It had a distinctively different taste.

I’ll be making this again (with modifications). The kids devoured it. And that is always a sign of a good meal in our house. 😀


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