February 29 — Commitment — Writing

It is three months today since I started this blog.

It occurred to me to write this post on this date because, not only has it been three months since I started my blog and I feel like cracking open a little bubbly in celebration of what has been my longest period of commitment to a project of my own doing, but it is also February 29th. If my commitment to my writing continues to thrive, I won’t get to publish a February 29 post again for another four years. And so, here is my February 29 post.

Three months of commitment. A quarter of a year. I’m starting to think that this is my year to commit (although on some days it feels more like my year to be committed ;))

I have remained committed to my writing. I continue to remain committed to my early morning workouts (I’m on my sixth straight week (haven’t missed a week day) of rising at 5:00 am and working out until my body screams in protest. Man it feels good to commit.)

What I’ve learned in three months:

  1. Taking the time to do something I love makes life not take over so much.
  2. Inspiration can come from anywhere.
  3. There is never enough time to do all the writing I want to do. Voice recorded notes on my mobile phone pile up just like hand-written notes jotted down on bits of paper.
  4. Ideas to write about always come to me when my hands are in the dish pan. Rarely do I remember them by the time I’m done the dishes.
  5. The more I write, the more I want to write, and the more it seems I have to write about.
  6. Writing is good. Connecting is great.
  7. If I can find the time, writing longhand in my leather-bound journal is still my preferred method to get the thoughts out of my head.
  8. When I don’t write (whether it’s here on my blog or in my journal), I feel like I’m sinking.

Leather journal

Handwriting in a journal

So, happy leap year! Here’s to another four years of blogging and my next February 29 post!

champagne glasses

Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

5 thoughts on “February 29 — Commitment — Writing

  1. mooremom523

    Love the picture of your little one’s conversation. Also I can relate to your comment about getting ideas while your hands are in the dish soap. My ideas always come to me while I’m in the shower. In college I would take multiiple showers while writing a paper because I would get in and the ideas would just..flow. I would then hop out toss on a robe and run to my computer to write. Of course my roommates thought this was hilarious.

  2. shoes

    Congratulations on your commitment, especially to the one of writing. 🙂 I always enjoy your posts, even if I end up reading them several days after you post them. On this one I am spot on – hooray to Leap Day!

  3. canadianmommytime

    Ha! I liked – Ideas to write about always come to me when my hands are in the dish pan. Rarely do I remember them by the time I’m done the dishes.
    It is true! I’ll wake up with the perfect idea, sure I’ll remember in the morning but don’t!
    Congrats! By the way, you started your blog one day before me – great minds think alike!


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