March Break and Birthdays

For as long as I can remember, my birthday has been defined by March Break.

When I was a kid, my birthday parties were either way before my birthday or way after; never the weekend of my birthday because either all of my friends were away or we were away.

A March Break birthday is not exactly a winter birthday, so I couldn’t have a skating party. Rather inconveniently, all the skating rinks close either the 1st of March or the weekend before March Break.

Nor is a March Break birthday a spring birthday because it’s still too cold to be outside enjoying party games and cake, and yet it’s not cold enough for the ground to be frozen, so everything is mushy and muddy, which makes it yucky to be outside.

Most of my birthdays were spent with my parents and my sisters at the cottage (where we spent the March Break week cross country skiing and playing in the snow) or at a hotel (where we ended our March Break week with a nice indoor pool, some cable TV, and restaurant food to give my mom a break from cooking).

I always had a birthday party, either very early in March or very late, so I never actually missed out on anything. It just seemed like no one was ever around for my actual birthday.

So today marks the start of my daughter’s first official off-school-for-a-week March Break (she’s in JK). And besides the fact that she is beyond excited that she doesn’t have to wear her school uniform for a week and can pick out whatever clothes she wants each day, do you know what’s got her tickled from the tips of her toes to the top of her head?

Mommy’s birthday.

I guess you don’t realize how much kids absorb from just being around you. I know when my daughter has been around that I have talked about my birthday in March and how it always falls on March Break. And my daughter has recently taken an interest in calendars and days and dates and such, so that might contribute to her understanding of when Mommy’s birthday is. But she has concluded that March Break = Mommy’s birthday. And so, I will be celebrated all week!

I guess, in the end, even though having a March Break birthday wasn’t exactly awesome as a child, it sure has its privileges as a mom. 😀

(Note: My husband’s birthday also falls during March Break. But he has not spent as much time lamenting this fact I guess because my daughter is only vaguely aware that he has a birthday this week 😉 )


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