The problem with a picky eater

My daughter is a picky eater. She’s not just picky about what she eats. She’s picky about when she eats and how much she eats.

There are certain things she doesn’t like on certain days. And on other days, these certain things are her favourite. I guess it depends on her mood. I’ve been warned by fellow parents who have older girls that the moodiness starts way before puberty hits.

When she eats cannot be as soon as she wakes up (but some days, it has to be as soon as she wakes up). Her lunch at school, I’m pretty sure, is eaten when her teacher tells her to eat. It’s just a battle for control with me and her at home.

How much she eats is based on a count of forkfuls. Some days it has to be an even number of forkfuls and other days it has to be an odd number of forkfuls. It is never for me to decide, but I can usually convince her to have one or two more forkfuls to achieve the desired number pattern she is aiming for.

But the real problem with my picky eater is that when she does want more of something, we tend to give in. Even if giving in means letting her have yet another bowl of Cheerios for her bedtime snack. We’re just so pleased that she’s asking for more and eating everything that we put in front of her that we indulge her every whim. And indulging the whims of a 4-year-old is a slippery slope.


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