Thankful…but not

Have you ever known that you should be thankful for something but have a hard time actually being thankful?

Like recently, that darn bug invited itself to our house again. It was an unwelcome guest the last time it was here, and we were certainly no happier to see it back again.

But it barged right in nonetheless; kind of took over for a few days. All but my daughter were affected…and I’m not entirely sure that she escaped completely unscathed.

What I should be thankful for is that I got to spend a day with my husband because we were both home from work, sick as dogs. And we had recently been complaining that we haven’t seen very much of each other in the last little while. Then, BLAMO, we get to spend a whole day together. Of course, this is not exactly what we had in mind. (Who am I kidding? This is not at all what we had in mind.)

But, we spent the day in each other’s miserable company nonetheless. He on one couch, I on the other. Sleeping, for the most part, all day.

There again, something, as parents, I know we should be thankful for. Sleeping. All day. But sadly, we were not that thankful.

Sometimes life deals us exactly what we want, just not the way we want it.

I’ll keep that in mind the next time I’m asking the Universe for a little help. 😉


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