I’m linking up with The Gypsy Mama today, where we write for five minutes flat on Fridays.

“We finger paint with words. We try to remember what it was like to just write without worrying if it’s just right or not.”

Where your words are welcome, just as they are! (<–Tweet this!)

The prompt word today is BRAVE.


Dive right in. Be brave. Pretend to be brave. It doesn’t matter. No one will know the difference. 36 years of afraid. No more.

Brave has come and gone. And come back again. Confidence goes with it. And confidence comes back with it.

“If you’re not brave, pretend to be, my love. No one will know the difference.” I tell my daughter. I’m almost certain that advice came from my mother. Good advice. Not easy advice to follow.

But I am being brave now. I have done brave things today. I have held back when I needed to. That took bravery of spirit. I have poured out more when I needed to. That took courage of the heart.

The rewards for these simple acts of bravery were tenfold. They pushed me onto greater acts of bravery. Bravery at home. Bravery at work. Bravery in the face of uncertainty.

A change is coming. I will be brave.

Or I will pretend to be. No one will know the difference.



4 thoughts on “Brave

  1. Sarah

    Visiting from Gypsy Mama today and really enjoyed this! I often give myself the same advice — fake it till you make it, right? Wonderfully written!

  2. Colline

    Sometimes pretending to be brave leads us to be brave. Makes me think of when I taught for the first time. I pretended – and eventually was confident.


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