I’ve got no excuse. When I started this blog, this is what I wrote in my profile about myself:

Me = a lover of writing and all things written. As a child, I dreamed of writing. As an adult, I traded my writing for verbal communication. Where I used to spill my thoughts and stories onto paper, I now spill them into my friends’, families’, acquaintances’—and sometimes virtual strangers’—ears. Truth be told, I’m happier when my mouth is shut and my pen is flowing in cursive strokes across a page.

That last part— “Truth be told, I’m happier when my mouth is shut and my pen is flowing in cursive strokes across a page.”—that’s what keeps me sane in what would otherwise be my most insane hour. And yet, I have been missing in action from my keyboard and my notebook for the last couple of weeks.

No, I did not officially go insane and get committed (although some days it felt like maybe someone should intervene).

I’ve just been…lazy.

There, I said it. I have a dozen or more blog posts floating around in my head. I’ve started probably half a dozen of them and saved them as Drafts (I’m really starting to hate that function in WordPress. I feel like it’s my enabler, allowing me to start but never finish a piece of writing.)

So, today, in these few stolen moments before my kids wake up from their naps (bless my four-year-old daughter’s little heart, she’s napping today!), I am reaching out to you to let you know that, no, I have not gone off the deep end. I have not run myself beyond ragged, nor, unfortunately, have I won the lottery and taken off on a sun-filled vacation with my wonderful husband and two fantastic children.

I’m still here. I’m just trying to get out of my own way and back to my keyboard.

Oh, and while you wait, enjoy these few pictures of the fun I have been having while I was not writing. 🙂

Easter Parade at the Zoo

Checkin' out the cheetah at the Zoo

Checkin' out the fish at the Zoo

Me and Luke at the Pickering Easter Parade

Bunny ears

Making Easter Bunny ears!

Fun in the park!

Egg race!

Easter egg hunt


2 thoughts on “Where.Have.I.Been

  1. shoes

    Glad you are still about. I was actually looking through the blog I read today thinking I must have missed a post from you. Sorry you did not win the lottery but it does look from the pictures that you were out having a bit of fun.

  2. dusterbed

    Awesome post.. and as per the title of your blog – Life takes over! It’s not always easy to MAKE TIME… sometimes being lazy is a requirement of life 😉


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