Shreddies and The Great Cereal Deception

So, my-two-year old has fallen in love with Shreddies.

Not something I usually buy, but they were on sale and we were getting tired of our usual Cheerios/Rice Krispies breakfast rotation.

The front of the box has a lovely picture of a bowl of Shreddies adorned with the most delicious looking blueberries and raspberry pieces.

Shreddies Cereal

I know these delightful little pieces of fruit do not come in the box (and if they did, they’d be freeze-dried, sugar-coated, and probably not that delightful).

But my little boy does not get this.

So every morning when I pull the box from the pantry shelf, he gets so excited, clapping his hands and yelling, “Booberwies! Trawberwies! YAY!” (Yes, I know they are raspberries. But he sees red and that’s a strawberry to him.)

I explain to him that he’s only getting Shreddies and Mommy doesn’t have blueberries or strawberries to put on his cereal. He seems to accept this. Yet, each morning, as he eats his cereal, he diligently lifts up each Shreddie and looks underneath for the ubiquitous blueberries and strawberries.

I feel bad for him. He loves fruit on his cereal. He always has bananas on his Rice Krispies.

But I’ve just been too ragged lately to remember to buy strawberries (or raspberries) and blueberries.

Must. Put. On. Grocery. List.


7 thoughts on “Shreddies and The Great Cereal Deception

    1. Nancy Post author

      I know! Misleading advertising sucks! And I never thought about the absence of the toys! Now I feel even worse for my little guy! He’s missing out on all that fun my sisters and I had with the cereal toys!

  1. Vinny Grette

    You’re lucky to have a little kid who likes to eat fresh fruit – does he like veggies, too? I keep frozen berries in the freezer. They thaw in a flash and I don’t need to shop every day or two for fruit. My very grown up daughter still likes her frozen raspberriess 🙂

    1. Nancy Post author

      Oh yes, he loves veggies. Meat is another story. So as long as I’m feeding him fruit, veggies and cereal, he’s a happy little guy. I’ll try the frozen berries. Thanks!

  2. dusterbed

    I sympathize!
    I can honestly say that this same tragedy has happened to me (not only as a child, but also as an adult!). Sneaky deceptive cereal companies dress up their photos – which I’d say is FALSE advertising!
    Not only that, but the makers of Grape Nuts claim that they taste good. They would taste good to someone who likes eating rock-hard niblets of cardboard. They are neither grapey or nutty! CURSES to the cereal companies!
    That’s why Lucky Charms remain my favourite. No sneaky lies about what is or isn’t in the box – it’s filled with SUGAR AND MORE SUGAR, RAINBOWS AND MAGIC CHEMICALS!!!! Pass the milk, please!
    I do, however, enjoy the taste of Shreddies, despite their lies.


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