Thank you McDonald’s

For April, it was a cold Sunday afternoon. No rain. But no sun either.

If this were January, I would have happily dragged the kids outside, all bundled up and ready to play for hours.

But it’s not January. It’s April. And I couldn’t justify snowsuits (because it’s really not that cold).

The kids, with all their running around and climbing and bike riding, can keep themselves warm. But hubby and I were not lovin’ the cold park bench and the stiff, early spring wind.

So, we made a short stint out of our Sunday park exploration. (We try to hit a new park every Sunday. Keeps it interesting. And this is such a great city for park exploration.)

We got back at lunch time and the kids were wound! So, we herded them into the car and drove to the closest McD’s with an indoor playground.

Upon arrival, we ordered Happy Meals and two coffees. (The coffees were for the tired parents. The kids didn’t really need a boost. πŸ˜‰ )

We found a seat in the PlayPlace and started to lay out the kids’ lunches.

To my pleasant surprise, there, in the nifty little Happy Meal box was a teeny, tiny version of a medium fry, not theΒ  paper bag normally used for a small fry order. And along with the smaller fry, there was a Danino yogurt!

McDonald's Happy Meal

YAY McDonald’s! I’m not usually one to get excited about yet another corporate partnership, but, as the coupon on the Happy Meal box says, “Danino makes Happy Meals happier!”

So, with the automatic addition of a yogurt, the fry quantity decreased (more calcium, less fat!) And by not making this an option like when McDonald’s tried to “healthy” things up by offering apple slices and caramel dipping sauce in place of fries, kids still get their fry treat, but they also get a yogurt (protein, calcium).

This mommy likes that. (Not that we eat at McDonald’s that often…)

So, a big THANK YOU to McDonald’s! You allowed us to feed our kids relatively healthy food and you kept them entertained on a cold, spring afternoon; burning pent-up energy while climbing your PlayPlace structure over and over and over again! πŸ™‚

Check out Quality Choices for Active Families. A video about the busy family’s eating dilemma and what McDonald’s is doing to help.


4 thoughts on “Thank you McDonald’s

    1. Nancy Post author

      Yes, I agree. Great idea. And with the smaller portion of fries, my kids ate everything and there was no food waste! πŸ™‚

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