The Yogurt Monster

Containers of yogurt

Empty yogurts, left behind by a satisfied two-year-old. This was the order in which he ate them. He claims he was looking for the booberrwies. He found them at the bottom of the last yogurt.

My 2-year-old son is single-handedly keeping Astro in business.

What is it they say? If a kid wants to eat only one thing for days or weeks on end, as long as it’s a healthy choice and you keep offering other foods as well, you’re better off saving your breath for a real issue, rather than fighting him on a trivial thing like eating only one kind of food day in and day out.

Well, that’s the advice I’m trying to follow. But I thought we’d be over it by now.

I don’t remember the exact date, but it has been weeks (if not months) since my son discovered “adult” yogurt. Up to that point, he ate Minigos (or Daninos or Mini Chefs Yogurt; whatever was on sale).

What started out as a small obsession with yogurt (one Minigo per sitting, several sittings per day), turned into six Minigos consumed in rapid succession and usually ending with a temper tantrum because there were no Minigos left. (They come in six packs. I would buy four 6-packs per week.)

Then one day my husband, tired of the screaming and tears, opened an Astro yogurt, stirred it up and handed to the hysterical boy (this after the boy had already consumed six Minigos).

There was instant silence, and instant love. And there has been no turning back.

We now scour the flyers and drive out of our way (sort of) each week to find the best deals on Astro yogurt. And we buy it by the case; always apprehensive that the boy will break up with his new-found love and we will be left with a lot of rapidly expiring yogurt.

Given his track record, though, that’s not likely to happen.

Now, if only we could get his sister to zero in on something and eat like that. *Sigh* Parenting picky eaters is so hard.

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