New word: momory

She’s got it right:

“We moms try hard. We keep a lot floating up there in the gushy space our brain used to occupy. At the drop of a hat, we can rattle off our children’s ages, their favorite colors, the last time they pooped, what their friend said to them three months ago that made them cry, the first time they laughed, the first time we watched their backs as they walked away from our arms and into school — it’s powerful. It’s our job. It just happens. Those things stick.”

Putting it all into perspective today. Remember, if it’s not related in some way to your kids, chances are it’s lost in your “momory.”

We can thank Melissa over at Writing for Daisies for giving us a word to describe our forgetfulness! Somehow, I feel better about my memory loss now that it has been defined. 😉

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