Moving forward

Moving forward. Putting one foot in front of the other. Getting over it. Moving on. Eyes in front. Don’t look back.

These things are scary.

I hang around my past because I like it. It’s a good friend. It’s comfortable. It understands me. I understand it. I’ve had time to go over my past in mind and dissect it, coming to terms with it, re-living it as it were, for good or for bad. My past and I, we’re “happy” together.

But I’m not getting anywhere.

My past is like an old boyfriend who just can’t let go. It drags me back in when I think of making a move in a forward direction. It reminds me that sometimes it was really good and staying would make me happy. But then I remember that, sometimes, my past was not so good. And leaving would make me happy, too.

And yet I stay, firmly entrenched in my past.


That’s the key.

Forgiveness of oneself. Forgiveness of others. There may not be specific wrong-doings. But to move forward, we must forgive. We must “get over it.”

We must stop re-reading the last chapter of our lives.

5 thoughts on “Moving forward

  1. shoes

    This is such a good lesson. Self forgiveness is a hard thing for me as I tend to rehash past events and think of how I could have acted or done something different, something better than I did. I don’t like the unknown nor do I like change – things that the future has aplenty.

    1. Nancy Post author

      I’m the same way. I rehash everything; right down to re-reading emails that I have sent once I receive a response to see if I could have worded the email in a different way (I do this even if the response I get is favourable). And it pains me to think of how much energy I’m wasting going over my past when I could be using that energy to live in my present for my future (especially since I have kids who need their mommy’s energy more than I need it to rehash my past). Shoes, it’s good to know I’m not alone in this.

  2. Daniel

    If we could all learn the key to living in the moment, and never compromising our beliefs and our conscience, we would go a long way to finding happiness.


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