Boys vs Girls

Back and forth. Back and forth. Up and down. Down and up. Around and around. Around and around. Zoom! Crash! Alright! Wow! Wheee!

My head spins. My body aches. I’m out of breath. Exhausted.

Ten years ago, the above would have described an entirely different scenario. 😉

Today it describes the rate of activity and ongoing commentary undertaken by my two-year-old son.

Just watching him run around the house and play with his cars and trucks and balls, all at once, and at such a rate of speed that it is hard to watch, is exhausting for me.

This child needs to be run around outside like a young colt. He needs a good three hours a day (if not more) of solid, outdoor physical activity. And by physical activity, I mean running around constantly for a steady three hours. Sitting in a sandbox or engaging in any activity where he is not in constant motion just won’t cut it.

My daughter on the other hand, if we go for a stroll that lasts about 30 minutes, she’s good.

She could sit for hours drawing, writing, doodling, doing puzzles or playing quietly with her toys (mostly dolls) and she’s still tired at bed time. But if we expected that of my son, he’d never go to bed at night.

I’ve always known boys and girls were different. I just never tied it so much to activity level.

Not that my daughter can’t rough house with the toughest boys. She can hold her own, let me tell you.

A little boy and girl fighting

And my son enjoys a good afternoon of girly dress-up and nail polish like the most delicate of princesses. He’ll also sit quietly and read books to himself or with someone else for what seems like hours.

All dolled up

All dolled up

But the difference between them is my daughter can do all these calm, quiet activities from the moment she gets up in the morning until she goes to bed at night and it doesn’t affect her mood. But my son can only engage in a slow, quiet activity if he has already had several hours of wild, rambunctious outdoor activity.

Have you experienced the contrast in boys and girls in your house? I’d love to hear your stories.


5 thoughts on “Boys vs Girls

  1. RJ

    I can attest to the needed physical/movement activity for my two-year-old boy… I have no girls, but we do have friends that have a girl my son’s age and we always comment on how passive she appears to be. I think it’s just the difference in activity level that you described. It’s just so foreign to us having only boys.

    1. Nancy Post author

      My daughter was a hyper two-year-old—very active for a girl—so I thought I’d seen it all. Then my son came along. Apparently 2-year-olds CAN move faster, more often, and for longer periods of time than I thought they could. I find it hard to keep up. 😀

  2. shoes

    As like the commenters above, I don’t have girls to compare to but my boys are crazy busy little guys. They need to run around and burn off energy or there are meltdowns and all sort of awfulness. Summer and fall are the best times of year as we can be outside and they can run and jump and do all sorts of big activities that allow them the calm moments later in the day.


    Boys will be boys.
    Two boys over here. My older one in particular can be very active though at this point he is also happy to play on the computer (and read) while the younger can watch tv for hours.


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