Multi-Tasking Mom Needs Help Adjusting

For about 18 months now I have been responsible for daycare/school drop-off and pick-up, dinner, evening routines, and most of the time baths and story time/bedtime.

I also work at the office and at home through the day and into the evening (sometimes into the night) while carrying out those responsibilities.

That all changed last week. Hubby changed jobs and is now home in the evenings.

This was what I wanted. Hubby home with me and the kids, participating in our family routine and being a part of us. This is great.


I now feel a little useless.

With him home handling things, I have been given the gift of time. I can now get through my work and relax in the evenings instead of stressing over how much time I am spending on work and how little time (and especially how little quality time) I am spending on my family.

But this gift is going to take some getting used to. I’m used to doing it all myself. Now I have to get used to two extra hands around to help.

And the kids have to get used to that, too. Not only do my kids automatically want Mommy to do everything for them, they are used to that scenario because Daddy hasn’t been there in the evenings.

Now that Daddy is home, they need to adjust.

I know this will take time. For all of us.

Before we know it, this new, “easy” life will be our norm.

And then things will change again.

That’s life, keepin’ us on our toes.


One thought on “Multi-Tasking Mom Needs Help Adjusting

  1. dusterbed

    It’s funny when our routine changes to give us MORE time! Usually, it’s the opposite. Enjoy it 🙂 Heck – if you’re still bored in 2 weeks, take up a new hobby! Learn to sculpt! Build and fly kites! 😉 YAY for more free time!!!


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