That’s right, just write

Well, I’ve been blogging for just over six months now. Sometimes I’m consistent. Sometimes I’m not.

Basically, I’m not because I’m also a mom with two kids, a job and a work-really-late husband (although that has recently changed. YAY!)

But I’m also not consistent because writing isn’t always easy.

I could say there isn’t always time to write. And that would be partly true. But when I started, I was writing all the time because it was new and fun and I was motivated. And I didn’t have anymore time then than I have now. But now the shine has worn off a bit. And I have to find the time to write.

So I have notebooks and notepads and scrap paper all over the house, all over my desk at work, in my purse, in the diaper bag, in the car and wherever else I might be so that when an idea grabs me, I can wrestle it out of my mind and onto paper. These little notes can then be turned into blog posts.

But are they?

Not usually. Because I can’t seem to find the time to write them.

Something I discovered back when I started writing again is that the more I write, the easier it is to write. And the more effort I put into finding the time to write, the more time I seem to have to write.

And that’s because (as I often say to my children), practice makes perfect (or it makes “pretty good”).

And with my recent lull in writing activity, I find it harder to get back to it, to make a routine of it, and to find the time for it because the words don’t flow as easily if I don’t practice making them flow.

I’ll say one thing about me and my writing pattern…

I’m consistently inconsistent.

So, to be more consistent, I’m going to follow a part of some advice that I give to my kids:

“That’s right, just peddle.”

“That’s right, just take the next step.”

“That’s right, just glide.”

“That’s right, just take it easy.”

“That’s right, just…”



4 thoughts on “That’s right, just write

    1. Nancy Post author

      That’s a good way of spinning the lull. I don’t feel so bad about not writing constantly now. It takes time to cook an idea!

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