Oh Indecision, how I hate you

You may recall I recently wrote about the incredible indecision that is plaguing me. If you need to catch up on that series of posts, you can do so here, here and here. Oh, and you could also check out this one.

Well, I have been thrown another curve ball.

Just when I thought life was somewhat sorted out and I could live with the decision(s) that I had “made” (I use that term loosely since I generally don’t make decisions. I avoid making decisions and then I just live with the outcome of that avoidance.)

There will be no mystery in this post. I’m just gonna come right out and say it.

My children’s babysitter/home daycare worker has decided to go back to work in the “real” world, thus effectively shutting down her home daycare.

For any mother who ever thought she was a career woman until the day she held her first baby, the end of a daycare era presents itself as a problem and as an opportunity.

Do you find a new daycare? Or do you leave your job and stay home with your kids?

If you don’t have the option of not working (and most of us probably don’t), then it’s a no-brainer. Find a new daycare.

This in and of itself is easier said than done because it’s not like wrecking your favourite classic black pumps and having to replace them. Considerably more effort, thought, heartache and anxiety goes into finding just the right care giver for your precious babe(s).

Not to mention the sadness your child (and you) will feel on the last day at the old daycare when tearful goodbyes are exchanged and you walk away from a great care giver and wonderful little friends for the last time. It breaks my heart now to even think about the impending final day.

But beyond the “easy” path of finding a new daycare, there is the possibility of staying at home with my children. And this is where my weeble wobble reflex kicks in.

Life would have to change so much to make this work. Life could become so hard to make this work. Life would be so worthwhile if this worked.

Oh Indecision. How I hate you!


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