App Geek

I’m not technology challenged, but I’m no whiz “kid” either. (There are 2-year-olds more adept on an iPad than I.)

So, if this post reads like a bunch of childish pleasure to those of you who are way past the “basic” technology that I am about to rave about, I apologize.

Here it is: I recently downloaded a task app on my Android phone.

I like to think that I’m an organized person. I’m not, really. Other people think I am. Appearances can be deceiving.

I am very good at writing lists of Things To Do. Very good at it.

Not so good at doing the things on the list, though.

I thought it might have something to do with the multitudes of lists I keep. I have a notebook in my purse where I jot down things I need to remember, story ideas, blog post ideas, lists of things to do, etc. I also have little notepads all over my house where I can keep track of the things I need to do as they pop into my mind. Because, honestly, if I don’t write them down the second they pop into my head, they pop out again and they are gone—mostly—forever. But a big problem with paper lists is there are no bells attached to them to ring reminders at me. So, unless I look at the lists I’ve written, I don’t know what I have to do.

However, I carry my phone with me everywhere I go. And it has all sorts of bells and whistles attached to it. So it finally dawned on me to search for an app that would allow me to enter notes and lists as well as assign reminders to each item so I would be forced to at least acknowledge that I had something I had to do. (Whether I do the thing or not is a separate issue related to procrastination and for another post entirely.)

So I found an app called GTasks, and now I’m obsessed. And far more organized than I actually thought I was. Because, you see, this little app, without ever setting out to do so, makes me feel guilty for not checking things off its lists (oh yeah, that’s one of the cool features: I can organize things into different lists based on whatever category I want to assign like HOME, WORK, SUPERHERO; you get the picture).

And by virtue of the fact that it dings or rings or beeps at me, other people know that I have received a message of sorts and I feel compelled to follow through. It’s like when you try to quit a bad habit. If you don’t tell anyone you’re planning to quit, say, smoking, no one can call you on it when you light up. But if you involve people in your plan to quit, you’ll be more likely to follow through because you will feel guilty if you light up and someone points out that you are trying to quit.

Oh yeah, and another cool thing about this app, it syncs with my Google account. So when I’m at my computer, I can key items into my Google task list and then see those items in my GTasks app on my phone. How cool is that! OK, I know. I’m a geek (and not in the cool way).


2 thoughts on “App Geek

  1. shoes

    Nice! I use One Note on my phone and can also get to it on my computer. Husband can check the categories as well so we can have electronic grocery store lists. I am still pretty old school when it comes to pen and paper grocery lists so it really is my fault when I don’t update our One Note lists. It does come in very handy for jotting down bloggy ideas when I am out and about though.


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