The power of recognition

A recent post of mine was featured in the Leisure section of The Canvolution Daily.

I wouldn’t normally point this out, except that recently I read this on about taking a lesson from the things that kids do and #7 (see below) has stuck with me in two ways.

#7 – Promote Yourself

Successful-KidsIt’s okay to talk about your talents, goals and successes with pride. The power of word of mouth advertising can start with you. There is a difference between bragging and exuding supreme confidence. Just be sure that you can deliver on your claims. As you show others what you can do, word will get around.

Those who are in need of your talents will find you.

First, the other day when my daughter was bragging about something she does well, I started to tell her that it’s not polite to flaunt our successes, that it’s better to be humble. And then I stopped myself, having remembered what I read on Addicted2Success. Go ahead, sweetheart, flaunt your success. You worked hard. You did well. You deserve to be recognized.

Second, I blog to connect (and to rid my mind of the craziness). And if someone found my post and liked it enough to include it in their website’s daily digest of posts, then I have achieved the connection that I work hard to create. So why shouldn’t I be proud of that and pat myself metaphorically on the back via a blog post about it? It just might result in further connections. And to myself I now say, “Go ahead sweetheart, flaunt your success. You worked hard. You did well. You deserve to be recognized.”


4 thoughts on “The power of recognition

  1. shoes

    Congratulations. It is fun to be recognized by others and like you said connecting to others and getting your voice out there is a huge part of blogging.


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