Five Minute Friday – Dance

Linking up with Lisa-Jo over on her site today.

The word is dance. The deal is to write for five minutes, without using the Backspace key, without worrying about spelling or grammar; no do-overs, editing or over thinking. Then link back to Lisa-Jo and invite others to join in. Oh, and you must visit the person who linked up before you and comment on their post! This is about community and connecting people! Let’s jump in!


Ah, the dance. Wake up. Shower, get dressed, wake the kids, cook breakfast, eat breakfast, do make-up and hair, brush teeth (mine and theirs), dress the kids, drop the kids at daycare and school, head to work. Work all day. Drive to the daycare, pick up one. Drive to the school, pick up the other. Drive home. Cook dinner, feed the kids. Put the kids in the bath, scrubba-dub-dub. Bedtime snack, bedtime stories, tucked in, cuddles and snuggles. Back in the kitchen, wash the dishes, make lunches, plan dinner for tomorrow. Chat with the husband. Take a deep breath. Relax. Go to bed. Replay the day’s dance in my head. Choreograph tomorrow’s moves. Finally fall asleep. Dream of the dance. Wake up tomorrow and start all over.


Five Minute Friday


10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Dance

  1. Amy T.

    Yep, I know those steps. Most days the music finishes before I’ve made it halfway through – and my feet hurt! šŸ™‚ [hopping over from FMF]


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