Snakes Alive!

A friend of mine threw a fantastic birthday party for her son this past Canada Day weekend. As a mother, I know what it takes to pull a kid’s birthday party together. You want it to be a success on every level, for adults and kids alike. But it’s often hard to pull that off when dealing with the younger set because you have to navigate nap times and melt downs and various other toddler/preschooler hurdles. And I’ve never seen anyone do it better than my friend. She is a super mom among super moms.

She found a way to have a successful party that worked with rather than against a young child’s typical daily rhythm. Her magic trick? Start the party at 10 am and end with lunch. In so doing, she had happy, excited kids at the party who were well-rested first thing in the morning and ready to enjoy the festivities. (As the day wore on and kids started getting cranking, they left with their parents. Brilliant, my friend. Absolutely brilliant! I applaud you.)

So, besides the usual yummy party fare (snacks, drinks, lunch, etc.), the party boasted entertainment in the form of an exotic zoo provided by Tiger Paw Exotics, which consisted of goats, sheep, llamas, a turtle, a lizard, a lemur, two kangaroos, two ponies and three snakes.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but my kids loved it! They could feed the sheep, llamas and goats at their leisure. (A very important thing with my two. If they feel any type of pressure from well-meaning adults, they won’t participate. But in this environment, where they could wander about the yard, play with toys, have something to eat and feed the animals whenever they felt like it, well, it worked perfectly. Their experience was genuine. Not a rushed, stressful experience that would only make them more afraid of the animals.)

Of course, they loved the pony rides too. My son finally got on a pony this year. (Last summer he wouldn’t have any part of riding ponies.)

Here’s ES lookin’ cool in the shade in her shades!

Riding a pony

And here’s Cowboy LA. Too cool for school!

Riding a pony

I asked LA what cowboys say. He responded, “Moooooo.” I could only laugh. So I elaborated for him that cows say that, but cowBOYS say…and he jumped in before I could finish with a big Yeehaw!”

And of course, how could I forget the snakes. I may never get this opportunity again so I heeded my Dad’s advice from a long time ago to always take every opportunity to try something new/different. You may never get the chance again and you’ll only regret not trying. You’ll never regret trying. So here I am…

Me and the snake

And here’s Husband…

Husband with the snake

Corn snake

Husband with the corn snake. That’s a lemur in the background.

And here’s the Birthday Boy! (Brave little soul; he was so proud wearing the snake around at his party!)

Birthday boy with a snake

The Birthday Boy with a snake

Birthday boy with a snake

There it goes, down his leg, heading for the grass!

The animal aspect of the party was great. The staff from the company that provided the animals (Tiger Paw Exotics) was helpful and full of information about their animals. Husband spent a lot of time with the owner chatting about snakes and the incredible things they can do. The animals were a fantastic way to entertain guests; adults and children alike! For the kids, there was also face painting and amazing balloon animals.

The best part of the party, though? The hospitality. Even with the “chaos” of the roaming animals and children, it was a comfortable, happy atmosphere where everyone was relaxed and having fun!

The friends, the food, the fun all mixed with a beautiful sunny day to celebrate a terrific little three-year-old!

Happy Birthday Aidan!

(Your mom throws the best parties!)


3 thoughts on “Snakes Alive!

  1. memyselfandkids

    My wife goes so crazy when it comes to the kids’ parties. She sweats every detail.
    Glad the party was so much fun and such a big hit.
    I don’t know about those snakes.

  2. shoes

    Wow, what a great looking party!! I love that you took the chance to hold that snake – and what a snake it is. Holy Batman, that snake is big! Nothing like little old Bungee. 🙂

  3. Jennifer Vidal, an unedited writer

    Wow, what a wonderful birthday party! I love the idea of the animals, especially the ponies 🙂


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