The beginning…again

How many times have we all fallen off the wagon, lost our motivation, given up on our goal, found any excuse to change the plan and start over?

I can only speak for myself. These things have happened to me too many times. There’s always a chance for a new beginning. But quite frankly, I’m getting tired of the new beginnings because they seldom lead to an end.

And I think I’ve figured out why.

I’m not living the life I should be living to reach the goals I have set for myself.

So, today, I’m just going to follow the bits of advice that I gathered over the weekend and post them here to share with you.

If you want to know what you are truly committed to … take a look at your life. We are always producing that which we are most committed to … so … if you are not seeing what you say you want, then you are likely more UNCONSCIOUSLY committed to something else …


Good point above. Is family important to you? Is that where your commitment lies? It’s important to me and I’m getting better at my commitment to all things family.

Here’s something else that I have a hard time with: If something isn’t happening fast enough, I start to give up on it. Looking back on the years that I have been through and realizing how quickly those years passed me by, I should spend a little more time working on things to their completion knowing full well that I will look back on this time and wonder where it went. This little snail is a good reminder to me…


And, though not so motivating in and of itself, I had to share this one. It’s so true and it’s also a good reminder to me that part of getting to my goals is saying no to my kids. In time, they will understand. Just like how I came to understand why my parents said no to me. It was for my own good. (And I could stand to say no to the child inside me, too. That kid can throw some serious temper tantrums!)

Screaming cartoon child

I gathered these pictures and sayings from a friend (Mary). I wish I could provide proper photo credits, but unfortunately I don’t know the pictures’ origins. But if you want to see motivation in action, check out Mary’s company, Cristina’s Tortina Shop, on Facebook.


6 thoughts on “The beginning…again

  1. memyselfandkids

    Committing to something and really sticking to it can be hard. Excuses are easier. For me personally, the challenge can be patience and recognizing that things are going to take time. Some valuable things- like family as you noted above – are worth my patience and my time. They are my priority.

      1. memyselfandkids

        I hear you loud and clear. During the school year when I come home, I sometimes I feel stressed. I have no patience to deal with more kids. I feel guilty about it. After all, now we are talking about my children and my day/job is not their fault/choosing, and they should not have to suffer for it.

      2. Nancy Post author

        I totally agree. I saw this tweeted today (@evajm): “When your child is exasperating you, instead of thinking “Wow, they’re such a problem” try to think instead, “They have an unfilled need”.” Apparently, with lots of practice, this kind of thinking can become the norm. I’m working on it right now. My kids and my husband deserve my best, my 110%. This thinking pattern gets me to the 110%.

  2. Lin

    This is true even with teens and boundaries. They still push and prod me to do what they want, when they want to do it. Come on MOM. (then they sneak in the little I love you) . Stand firm! Just say no! lol


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