Tugging at my heart strings

“Sorry to interrupt…” she says as she skips into her brother’s room, two books in hand.

Were there ever a string of more beautiful words?

As I was reading a bed time story to my son, my daughter skipped into his room carrying two books and said,

“Sorry to interrupt, but look! Two Green Eggs and Ham books!”

There are lots of wonderful things a child can say to her mother. A few come to mind.

~ I love you ranks right up there

~ You make the best muffins, Mom is a recent favourite of mine (heard in my kitchen the other day as my daughter devoured her second, super healthy zucchini muffin (wink wink)

~ Can you play with me, Mom? This is a wonderful thing to hear assuming you’re not busy. However, given the rate of speed at which most families operate these days, slowing down enough to appreciate that phrase is a tough thing to do (but totally worth it to you and your little one if you can do it).

Before I became a mother, I never thought mundane courtesies from the lips of my babes could be such sweet music to my ears.

It’s like the reward for all my hard work, reminding my children to say “please”, “thank you”, “sorry”, “excuse me” and so on.

But I don’t think I’ve ever told them to say, “sorry to interrupt” when they need to interject something into a conversation.

It was so nice to hear. Such a small thing to make me so happy.

I have wonderful children. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Tugging at my heart strings

    1. Nancy Post author

      Thank you. That was the feeling deep in my heart while I was writing this. It’s not that my daughter was polite or that my hard work was paying off; it’s that my children are truly wonderful little beings. I know this. But sometimes it hits home even harder. It was one of those days. 🙂

  1. memyselfandkids

    I also really appreciate when my kids are mannerful. It makes me proud. On a side note, I love when they use proper grammer. It’s the english teacher in me.
    Btw, I loved reading Green Eggs and Ham with my older son.

    1. Nancy Post author

      Oh yes, proper grammar. That’s a big one for me, too. It’s the editor in me, I guess. Green Eggs and Ham has always been a favourite. A classic that stands the test of time. The reason we have two copies is that one copy was mine, given to me by a friend for my 6th birthday, and the other copy I bought as part of a Dr. Seuss collection for my daughter when she was born. I didn’t know that my mom had kept my childhood copy of Green Eggs and Ham until my daughter started school and my mom gave her a box of books that she had kept from my childhood. We’ll keep both copies so that when my son and daughter want to read it at the same time, there will be no fighting. 😉 (More truthfully though, it’s because I have a hard time parting with books 😉 )

      1. memyselfandkids

        That’s cool that you have the copy from when you are a kid.
        I recently went through my son’s books and took some off the shelves – they outgrew them. They were fine with that (we did it together). My wife, on the other hand, was the one I was nervous about. She is not a saver but has real attachment to a number of the books.

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