Jamie Bell Playground rises from the ashes

Jamie Bell Playground was burnt to the ground by unsavory characters some kids looking for kicks.

It was a sad day for children and families everywhere. Especially given the other issues facing High Park right now.

I played in this playground as a child (although it wasn’t a castle back then). And my children play in it now. Well, not right now.

Right now it’s a construction zone. And that’s because there is a great community surrounding High Park.

Volunteers, organizations, even celebrities, came out in full force to rebuild the Jamie Bell Playground so that kids could play in it again.

Jamie Bell Playground Construction

Photo courtesy of Sarah Doucette

Hopefully, by the end of the summer, we the kids will be back to pretending to be princes and princesses and dragons and witches!

A big THANK YOU to Sarah Doucette and everyone who is working hard to bring this playground back to the kids!


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