The Great Fruit Smoothie Disaster

A bit of advice for you. Fruit smoothies and out-in-the-sun-all-day-really-close-to-nap-time toddlers don’t mix.

To enjoy some of the wonderfully hot but surprisingly not humid weather we have been experiencing, I set up a play date at a local splash pad for me and my kids with some friends of ours.

It could not have been a more perfect day. Up until 2pm that is.

My friend and I lounged on our picnic blankets and chatted the morning away while the kids frolicked in the water.

Then we had a lovely picnic lunch, changed the kids into dry clothes and headed over to the playground for some more fun.

Kids playing

After some fun in the playground, we parted ways and took four (the youngest is not pictured above) very tired kiddies home.

And here’s where things went south. The two that I took (my two), perked up when we got in the car and the A/C kicked in. I was kinda thirsty and the kids had been so good all day, so I thought, hey, why not treat them to fruit smoothies from Tim Horton’s. Under normal circumstances, this is a fantastic idea. On this particular day and at this particular time, not so much.

We hit the Tim’s drive-thru, got our smoothies and, as I handed out straws, I gave warnings of open-topped cups that could spill sticky substances if not held properly. With agreement from my kids to hold said cups upright at all times, we headed toward the highway.

About half-way home my daughter and I finished our smoothies. A minute later I glanced in my rear-view mirror to check on my son and that’s when I noticed the position of his cup (yes, it was upside down). Upon closer examination, I also noticed that my son was asleep.

How long he had been like that, I do not know. But he wasn’t sound asleep because my panicked brain sent a signal to my mouth which sent a demand to my son to hand me his cup and, half asleep, he complied. I thought he had finished his smoothie because the cup was empty. I wasn’t so lucky.

When we arrived home, he was sound asleep (seriously, there was no rousing him). So I carried a very sticky boy up to the bathroom, wiped him down, dressed him in fresh clothes and plunked him in bed. I don’t think he opened his eyes (that was my daily blessing).

Then, well, I probably don’t have to tell you what I spent the next two hours doing. Lesson learned.


8 thoughts on “The Great Fruit Smoothie Disaster

      1. Nancy Post author

        Yes, just last night. It has been one of those weeks. Sorry I didn’t reply right away. Check your inbox.

    1. Nancy Post author

      Yes, for a rainy day. I was, however, in the right frame of mind to deal with the disaster and it didn’t bother me to hang out in the sun and scrub the interior of the car and the carseat. It turned out to be quite an enjoyable afternoon for me. I got a tan and some peace and quiet while my kids napped and played quietly inside. Cheers to summer! And to fruit smoothie disasters!

  1. Angela

    I’m 23 and I should probably be given the same warning as your children. I also probably would have done the exact same thing as your son…. Sleep trumps smoothie safety every time.


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