The Lone Toy

How many times can I step over this toy before picking it up?

How many times can my son play with everything around it and still not include it in his fun?

How many times can my husband or daughter step over or walk around this little truck and leave it lying there?

Should I bother to count?

I know that little truck will stay there all day.

I feel bad for the little guy; there, all by himself, away from his other truck friends.

O-K, I’ll pick you up and put you back in the toy bin with the other trucks.

I swear, they get me every time.

toy trucktoy truck


5 thoughts on “The Lone Toy

      1. memyselfandkids

        When my son came home after seeing the movie, he gingerly poked his head into his room just to make sure the toys were not really playing with each other.

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