To be wrong

I’m going to start right off with a big

sorryI asked my husband to pick up a latch for our front door to help prevent our escape artist son from getting out when no one’s watching him.

My husband dutifully stopped at a Canadian Tire store, perused the options and made the best selection for our needs. (I mean it. It was the best choice.)

You see, our front door does not allow for much extra hardware. There is very little room on either side of the frame to attach a bolt or a chain or any other type of security device.

My husband found the perfect latch. It fit in the space. It worked. And it looked nice; as nice as door hardware can. But I made him return it.

Door chain

Photo courtesy of

I had something different in mind. And my husband, the accommodating, understanding fellow that he is, let me have my way.

But when we got to the store to pick up the other style of latch, I changed my mind. I realized then why he picked the other style in the first place. The latch I wanted was more expensive and no better than the latch he originally chose. And it would have been more difficult to install it in the space that we have.

So we decided to go with the first latch. Unfortunately, this particular store didn’t have the colour we needed. And my husband had stopped at the Returns counter on the way in to return the one he originally bought at the other location.

So, my husband calmly (although I know he was screaming inside) went back to the Returns counter and asked the girl if he could have the latch back. Unfortunately, the girl was incredibly efficient and, in the time it took us to wander through the store, look at a couple of things and then reach a decision on the latch, she had processed our latch as a damaged return because the packaging had been opened and sent it back to the warehouse.

Imagine my embarrassment when my husband turned to me and, with daggers in his eyes, said calmly, “Well, I guess I’ll go back to the other Canadian Tire on Monday and get the latch there.” I smiled sheepishly in return. What else could I do?

When we got home, he told me he was never going to listen to me again. I agreed with him. He knew better and I was sorry I had opened my mouth.

But did I actually learn my lesson about interfering with my husband’s sound judgement? Apparently not, because this morning he text me and said that he was going to Canadian Tire to get the latch and I replied with, well, see below:

text message screen shot

Apparently my life needs to be threatened before I learn my lesson. I don’t know how my husband puts up with me.


11 thoughts on “To be wrong

  1. dusterbed

    I’ve got to say that you two are an awesome example for me in couple-dom. Sometimes in relationships we get frustrated and upset, but as long as you apologize sincerely for things and have a little bit of give when there is a disagreement… resentment and anger can be minimized – if not avoided altogether! You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for posting this and continuing to inspire me!

  2. closefamilies

    Oh my husband would not have been nearly so kind about all of this!! Ha!! Then again, I’ve put him through the ringers in this way many times in our short seven years together….. I’ve got to cut it out so we can make it seven more!! 😉


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