Kids’ CBC Days – What a blast!

Due to babysitting conflicts, I took a day off work this week to look after my kids. (I know, poor me. A day off work AND quality time with my fantastic kids.)

I figured I better have something planned because my two are used to the go go go life of daycare kids.

While browsing the Internet looking for age appropriate activities, I came across a tweet about Kids’ CBC Days 2012.

So I looked it up and, sure enough, the second day of the two-day event fell on the day that I had off. Not really knowing what to expect, I didn’t pump up the event to my kids too much. I just said we were going for a ride on the TTC and we might spend some time downtown doing some activities. The TTC trip was enough to get my kids on board. They love the subway!

The big event day came and I had us all ready to go. Little Brother was in quite the mood in the morning, so I seriously considered cancelling our trip downtown. But, good sense prevailed and I herded them out the door despite Little Brother’s nasty attitude toward everything.

The trip on the TTC was exciting for them and therefore more thrilling than usual for me. (It’s amazing how the pure wonderment that kids express about anything/everything can really brighten a regular old activity like commuting by transit.)

We made it to St. Andrew station and, with the help of a friendly CBC employee we encountered in the station, we made our way to Front Street where the CBC building is.

So that was the pleasant but not overly exciting part of our day.

Once at the CBC, we read books in the TD Reading Tent, painted pictures with Gofrette, planted sunflower seeds with dirtgirlworld, played dress up with Busytown Mysteries and had pictures taken at the ParentsCanada table. We had more pictures taken in the Cat in the Hat’s Thingamajigger and the kids decorated a W at the Super Why “W is for Watermelon” activity table hosted by

kids painting pictures

boy in fireman's hat

We also saw a zebra, a kangaroo and a miniature pony from the Bowmanville Zoo! (All thanks to my son. As we were wandering away from the outdoor activities, he kept screaming, “I see zebra! I see zebra, Mommy!” I thought he was making it up, but nope, he was right. He saw a zebra, so we headed back to that area and enjoyed the company of the animals for a while.)

kids looking at a zebra

There was a meet and greet with the Cat in the Hat, but the line up was too long and my kids were getting hungry so we satisfied ourselves with seeing the Cat from afar while we ate our lunch. Still worth it.

kids in the Thingamajigger

We did take in The Doodlebops show. That was FUN!

The day wasn’t too long (10am – 2pm) and the weather was perfect! It’s not very often that I find something for the kids to do that covers both their ages (Big Sister is 4.5 and Little Brother is 2.5). And this event was best suited for children ages 2-6. Perfect!

As we left the event, smiling faces painted, ice cream drying around their lips, I thought to myself, “This was a fantastic day! I can’t wait to do it again next year.”

face painting

And after a TTC ride home with these two chatty, painted kids, I couldn’t wait to tell my husband all about our day (partly because I really wanted to talk and I couldn’t get a word in edge-wise with my kids, and partly because it was such a great event that I want my husband to come with us next year!)

I seriously don’t remember ever having so much stress-free fun with my kids. Ever. My husband commented that I seemed more excited about the day and the events than the kids did. And maybe I was. Kids’ CBC Days was definitely an event to remember!


7 thoughts on “Kids’ CBC Days – What a blast!

    1. Nancy Post author

      The crowds were a bit overwhelming for my little guy (2.5 years old), but he followed his big sister’s lead and got right into the fun. We can’t wait for next year!

  1. Life Behind These Eyes

    One of the reasons that I love you is because you present our kids with all these wonderful experiences. There is no better city in the world than “our Toronto”.


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