Learning to ride a bike

After weeks of begging me, her father, our neighbours, anyone who would stand still long enough to listen to her, Big Sister finally got her wish: no more training wheels.

We stalled as long as we could. It’s not that we didn’t think she could ride without them. In fact, just the opposite. There’s no stopping this kid. We stalled because the training wheels on her bike were not standard issue and they had to be rigged to the bike rather than fastened in any normal way. So taking them off meant they were never going back on. What if she decided she couldn’t do it? Then what?

Well, our fears concerns were unfounded. The training wheels were removed. She hopped on the bike, listened impatiently as her father explained the concept of balancing a two-wheel bike, and off she went. I think he might have held onto her seat for about eight seconds. And five of those seconds were because he couldn’t let his baby girl go, not because she needed his help.

girl riding bicycle

To say that I was proud is an understatement. But now that the proud moment has worn off a bit, I’m just flabbergasted at this child’s abilities. Is there nothing she can’t do well on the first try?

That was Saturday. Today is Monday and she has decided that simply riding a two-wheeler is not enough of a challenge. So tonight, while she was out riding around and I was running to keep up with her (good workout by the way), she started riding with only one hand on her handlebars. And then she tried lifting her other hand. I nearly had a heart attack, but apparently life isn’t fun unless you’re challenged. And Big Sister certainly knows how to challenge herself.

She has mastered the one-hand-on-the-handlebars thing. She is well on her way to riding with no hands. Check me into the hospital now. My poor heart can’t take all this dare-devilling.


5 thoughts on “Learning to ride a bike

  1. memyselfandkids

    Good for her! One of my goals for the summer is to get my older son more comfortable riding w/o training wheels. He does it for a little while at time but is clearly nervous.

    1. Nancy Post author

      I think it’s one of those things that the child just needs to be ready for. Like potty training. My daughter, completely potty trained at 2. My son, now 2.5, not even remotely interested. I’ve tried and tried.

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